The Big Dipper



Dip Tubes Made Simple

Variable Pickup Depth

Lowest Deadspace Loss

Easy to Clean and Sanitize

Universal Vessel Compatibility

United States and International Patents Pending

High Temperature Silicone and Stainless Construction

Our side pickup angled design is compact and allows The Big Dipper to be used in any vessel that has a ball valve installed no more than 2.5″ above the bottom – mash tun, hot liquor tank, boil kettle, or wine vessel.

(Valve couplers are typically installed 1.5” from the kettle bottom)

(Valve couplers are typically installed 1.5” from the kettle bottom)

The angled design also means you’ll have exceptionally low deadspace loss with The Big Dipper.  You can position the pickup tube any distance from the bottom you desire.  You’re in control of how much or how little you leave behind in your vessel.

The design is simple – when the silicone bushing is screwed into the valve coupling it compresses around the dip tube creating a perfect seal.


Our single silicone bushing replaces multiple compression fitting components on old style dip tubes, and does a better job.  It eliminates thread galling issues found with stainless fittings, and also eliminates the sanitation issues caused by teflon tape required with the old style fittings.  It’s simple, easy, and clean.

The Big Dipper is constructed of high temperature silicone and ½” OD stainless steel tube. The silicone bushing has standard ½” – 14 NPT threads so it fits all commonly used ball valve assemblies, welded or weldless, including BSP fittings commonly used in Europe and Australia.


The silicone is FDA and European Community approved for food applications and suitable for use up to 600°F (315°C). It complies with FDA Title 21 CFR 178.3297 and 177.2600 for food contact materials, German BfR Recommendations, and all applicable European Union Directives.

Installation is easy. Remove the tube from the bushing and moisten both in water. Screw the bushing into the ball valve coupling two rotations, insert the pickup tube, position it to your desired orientation and hold the tube in place while you snug up the bushing – just that simple. No need to over tighten.


Cleaning and sanitizing The Big Dipper is easy too. Boiling and all commonly used brewing cleaners and sanitizers such as PBW and StarSan are acceptable for use. Just follow label directions and your normal cleaning/sanitizing process.

The Big Dipper is patent pending in the United States and worldwide.


The Big Dipper is the innovative dip tube solution for all brewing vessels.

Specific needs? The design can be adapted to fit larger valve assemblies, custom tube shapes, or your unique needs in any application.

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