Our Story

I’ve been brewing my own beer since the early 1990s and the longer I brew the more it fascinates me.  I think of brewing as the intersection of art and science; it’s become my passion.

I earned my master’s degree and spent far too many years in the corporate world, focused mainly in new product development.  It’s natural for me to think about new, better, and simplified ways of doing things as I brew.

The products you’ll see from us are the result of these years of brewing and new product development experience, a philosophy of doing things smarter, and a belief that the simple approach is nearly always the best one.

My first brewing system in the early 1990s was a RIMS made from converted kegs that I built in my brother-in-law’s farm shed.  It was much more difficult to get information back then before the web was fully grown, and I remember emailing with George Fix a few times while I was getting it running.


Over the years the electric water heater element in the RIMS chamber and old gas burner from a water heater for the boil kettle have evolved into a nice three burner all gas system with full ‘automagic’ temperature control. Letting the controller worry about the mash temperature program lets me focus on the overall process and my recipes.


Next I designed and built an automatic temperature control system for my two 14 gallon fermenters. I wrapped them in copper tube (cone and body) with good insulation, and paired them with a glycol chilling system I put together based on an old freezer. With it the controllers keep the fermentation temperature at the set point +/- 0.5 degree; set it and forget it. It’s nice to know that changes in my beers are due to intentional changes in process or recipe… It was fun designing and building it all!


This is what brewing is all about to me – family and friends.
I think the Germans say it best: